About Me...


I stumbled upon my love for diving back in 2011 on a holiday in Thailand with my sister. We spontaneously decided to take the PADI Open Water course.  I had just graduated from design college and so I had a bit of time on my hands. I was addicted right away and it was only a matter of months before I was back again starting my dive master training. So thus the adventure began.


Since then I have done over 2000 dives, become a dive instructor, photography addict and much more. I've worked and travelled through various places such as Thailand, Australia and Indonesia (where I got "stuck"). I'm originally from Melbourne, Australia but now I currently live full time in Nusa Lembongan, Bali since the past 2.5 years!

Along the way I found my love of underwater photography. After studying photography in school I found it very much a new challenge to take photos underwater. Something I think a lot of people under estimate... It's really hard! So years of practise and with a great basic camera set up I was able to teach myself the necessary skills to capture the underwater imagery I strived for. Every day I learn something new and have so many amazing mentors along the way which really helped.

I have been lucky enough to work and dive in many beautiful locations and encounter some incredible marine life. I have also witnessed a lot of horrors in the ocean such as hearing/seeing dynamite fishing, finding huge nets tangled across reefs, swimming with Mantas in tides full of trash and various marine life tangled in long lines and nets. These scenes left me feeling so helpless and so shocked how few people are aware of these issues. So I've recently been turning my photography to expose environmental problems. This started in 2017 when I photographed Mantas feeding in a plastic like soup near Bali. These photos were picked up by several newspapers world wide. I was amazed by the reach and message these images carried. It just shows how important photography is to send a message. I can tell you stories of the walls of trash I see floating by on my dives but you can never imagine it the way it really is. Imagery is so powerful and we really need to use it.

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Photo of me by Oliver Clarke @ollie_underwater